Welcome to SUITE206

Work in a Quiet, Safe, and Dedicated Work Space

Suite206 is an affordable and high quality shared office environment, that allows you to focus on your work, rather than the distractions of home.

Rent Part or Full-Time

Affordable part-time professional office rentals starting at only $285/mo for a dedicated day of the week (e.g. Every Monday of the month)

Quiet & Professional

Located on the 2nd floor of The Carrot Common beside The Big Carrot, Suite206 is a space dedicated to wellness within a professional setting.

Focus On Your Business

See your clients in-person or virtually over video conferencing using our optional high speed dedicated fibre internet connection.

We know how working from home can be distracting and non-productive at times.

When it comes to your running your coaching, consulting, or counselling business, you know that being focused on your clients is of the utmost importance.

Working from home has its benefits, however, it also has its pitfalls – procrastination, taking care of the laundry, vacuuming, an invitation from your comfy and cozy couch to take a “catnap” in, and other distractions that take away from your ability to keep your focal point on your clients and your business.

Room 29

SUITE206 is Your Professional Office for Focus & Centering

Each office at SUITE206 is designed to be warm, inviting, and professional, and is perfect for self-employed individuals who want to dedicate their ‘work hours’ to growing their business by taking care of their clients first.

With part-time rental rates starting at only $285 per month for one FULL-day-per-week (e.g. Every Monday of the month), working in a professional environment has never been so easy. SUITE206 is also located in a great location on the Danforth, easily accessible by TTC (Chester subway station) or by car (just east of the DVP).

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